Saturday, March 21, 2015

Amazing Mineral

"The Cure All Mineral You'd Be Foolish To Neglect"

You need this mineral for everyday hormone production and regulation. Your thyroid needs this mineral in order to do its jobs: regulating your heart rate, body temperature, blood temperature and metabolism.

Breast Tissue Soaks It Up Like A Sponge!

Watch this YouTube video and see what Dr. Douillard has to say about our HUGE need for Iodine.

This mineral prevents cancer cells from forming in the breasts. If cancer cells have already taken up residence in the breasts, this mineral destroys the cancer cells without harming healthy tissue. Too little of it makes you susceptible to cancer. Having enough can stop benign and cancerous tumors from growing, according to Dr. Benjamin Eskin, pioneer in Iodine research.

Three of the best-known cancer therapies, those of: Dr. Harry Hoxsey, Dr. Max Gerson, and Dr. Cornelis Moerman all employ some type of iodine in their treatment.

One other talent of Iodine is that it thins lymph fluid, which is critical for cancer treatment. Now, this is deep, Iodine lives in "Every" organ and tissue, therefore low levels will make you open to numerous diseases, including various types of cancer.

Another researcher, Dr. Jorge Flechas, believes that your cells become cancerous when they're low in Iodine, especially cancers of the breast, thyroid, ovaries, prostate and stomach. Iodine is so miraculous that increasing its levels will induce cancer cells to self-destruct.

Besides fighting cancer, Iodine helps fight other breast and ovarian diseases such as fibrocystic breast disease and ovarian cysts by balancing estrogen levels. It helps your body metabolize estrogene (a slightly carcinogenic form of estrogen) into estriol, a non-carcenogenic form of estrogen.

To increase your overall level of iodine, cut your exposure to bromine. This mineral displaces iodine. Common sources of bromine are, baked goods, soft drinks, some medications, pesticides, and drinking fluoridated water, which most people drink.

All of these are things to avoid anyway, bromine or no bromine. When you buy flour, you can buy non-brominated flour, eat more iodized salt, eggs, fish and sea vegetables, or take a kelp supplement.
"The Miracle Antibacterial"

Iodine kills harmful microorganisms, making it a formidable ally against infections and a universal healer. From skin blemishes to deep-rooted infections, Iodine can have a healing effect on them all.


Don't bother with antibacterial creams, simply use topical Iodine. It protects cuts and scrapes from infection without breeding resistant microbes.


Before your board your next airplane, drink 10 drops of iodine dissolved in water. My sources say the iodine gathers inn your sinuses and kills bacteria, viruses, or fungi that you may breathe from the recycled air, in the plane. This sounds logical, because we all fortify ourselves when preparing to enter stressful situations, such as job interviews, physically demanding jobs such as construction work, and of course those of us who play weekend sports (football, etc).

Are You Low On Iodine? Simple Way To find Out...

Dr. William Campbell Douglass discusses a simple effective way to check your iodine level at home. Dip a Q-Tip into a 2% tincture of iodine ant paint your skin on your thigh or belly with it, about the size of a silver dollar. The resulting yellow stain should disappear in about 24 hours--if levels are normal. If the stain disappears in less than 24 hours, you're deficient in iodine. Your body absorbed it needed it. Yes, the skin is succulent, absorptive.

If the test shows you're deficient, keep painting iodine in different spots every 24 hours, until your stain lasts a full 24 hours. Then you will have both diagnosed and treated the problem. Yes, this is awesome but I would recommend consulting a doctor (an alternative one) and getting your iodine levels checked with a blood test.
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